How to Reconnect with Yourself

reconnect with yourself

Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. My work and personal life have gotten a little overwhelming lately, which brings me to my topic for today: how we can reconnect with ourselves when our lives get busy and hectic and all-over-the-place. When we reconnect with ourselves, we can refocus our attentions on what is truly important to us and let everything else fade away. We can find calm and joy.

I’m going to share some of my top tips that I turn to when I am feeling out of sorts and like I need to reconnect with … Read More

Monday Self Care Challenge: Yoga

I hope everyone had a fun Valentine’s Day weekend and treated yourself to something a little indulgent. This week I want to do a self care challenge that is near to my heart and that I believe in very much — Yoga! Yoga is something that has been consistent in my life for about five years now. It’s something that I return to when I need to feel grounded, or when I feel out of sorts and need to bring attention to my body and mind. The health benefits, both mental and physical, are incredible, and with a consistent yoga … Read More

Monday Self Care Challenge

I hope you indulged in some quality coffee shop time last week! With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s a perfect time to not only show your love for the important people in your life, but to show yourself some love by indulging in self care. This week’s challenge is something to help you sloooooow down and escape from daily stresses, and has numerous health benefits for the mind and body.

This Week:

Make time for a relaxing bath!

This seems like such an obvious self care ritual, but how many of us actually take the time on a … Read More

How to Create a Haven at Home


In a perfect world at the end of the work day, you’d come home and be able to unwind. Your to do list is done for the day, your apartment is perfectly clean, you already meal prepped dinners last Sunday night, and you pour yourself a glass of red wine. Or we’d cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a cup of hot tea, and read a book or catch up on our latest Netflix addiction.

But as we all know, life is messy; as much as we try, it doesn’t always look like that. But wouldn’t it

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