How to Feel Together When Your Life is Anything But.

I wonder how many of us are walking around in our day to day lives feeling like our life isn’t exactly as we had imagined it would be at this point, and feeling totally unsure about where it is headed. I have a feeling it’s a lot of us.

I posted a couple of months ago about having graduated college and not being sure where my life was headed next. Well, I can’t say I’ve made much headway in that respect, but I can tell you that I am currently prioritizing being happy and minimizing stress as much as possible.… Read More

How to Be That Girl.

mother teresa quoteImage via EllieLaneShop on Etsy

Imagine the type of woman you’ve always wanted to be. The one who walks into a room and instantly lights it up with her infectious smile. Who always remembers to send thank you notes and birthday cards. Who is known to be a wonderful listener and a best friend. The woman who is self confident enough to uplift others and never tears anyone down.

I have always wanted to be that person who leaves people feeling happier and better about themselves, and affects the people around her in a positive way.

Here are some ideas … Read More

How to Live a Life of Simplicity



Lately I have been compelled by the idea of living a life free of clutter and centered around the things that are important. Of choosing quality over quantity. Of surrounding yourself with only the things that bring you joy.

This idea of living a life of simplicity applies to all aspects of your life, including clutter around the house, your diet, and your relationships. Here I have compiled a list of ideas for creating simplicity in your life.

Simplify your Belongings.

Get rid of kitchen appliances you never use.

Pare down your coffee cup collection to a few that … Read More

What to do after Graduating College


A couple of weeks ago I graduated college with a degree in marketing. While I am excited and relieved to be finished with school, it is also a somewhat daunting feeling. Now that I am not faced with attending classes, group meetings, etc, I have a lot of free time on my hands to spend as I please.

Most of my peers secured post-graduation jobs before they were even finished with school and are already off putting in hours at their first adult job. I could be doing this right now as well, but something inside me is resisting the … Read More