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christmas decorating

Being at home with my parents and sisters this last week was so fun! We always go all out when it comes to Christmas decorating, and this year we wanted to decorate before my sister and I had to leave, so we got an early start.


One thing we always do is create a fun display of hanging bulbs from the chandelier. We always choose different color combinations, and this year we did a range of blues, whites, and purples. It also looked really nice when we added the smaller bulbs along with the normal sized ones. We simply dangled the bulbs with ribbon, which we tied to the chandelier. So simple, yet really elegant and fun!


Our favorite Christmas decoration besides the tree is our Christmas village. All of the pieces are handpainted by my mom and my grandma about 20 years ago! They are so fun to bring out every year and set up to create a magical little village. We always place white and blue christmas lights under our “snow” to create that pretty glow when plugged in at night.


IMG_0104   IMG_0119

We are in a new place this year, so it’s fun to use different aspects of the house to get creative with our decorations. There are these great shelves that we knew we had to use for something, and my sister came up with the idea to display all of our old favorite children’s Christmas books. We dug our old books out of dusty boxes and used them to create fun vignettes on each shelf. We also used all of our ecclectic decor that we normally aren’t sure where to put, along with some holiday coffee mugs and sparkly candles. It came together so nicely without much effort at all!








Hopefully this gave you a few creative ideas for holiday decorating! It’s so fun to spend time with your family coming up with ways to make your home feel cozy and festive for the holidays. Remember, it’s the little things that make a difference in how magical and inspired you feel this season.




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