Glowing Skin Secret: Inner Joy

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I love experimenting with natural beauty products and learning how the food you eat affects your skin and outer beauty, and I plan on making this blog a place where we explore both of those things in detail. However, for the natural beauty post today, I wanted to explore something a little bit different.

“Glowing” skin — that seems to be the hot word in the beauty/health world right now, and for good reason. Whenever you are healthy and in balance in your life, you start to appear radiant and lit up from the inside out. People start wondering what your secret is — a certain mask? Or a superfood smoothie?

Those things are definitely a big part of your health and beauty. But, there is something that I think affects our outer beauty more than anything.




I think inner joy is the ultimate secret to beautiful glowing skin and outer beauty, more than what products you’re using or what you’re eating. You can’t fake that radiant glow that comes from a person who is filled with joy, or in love, or extremely grateful for every day. There is something about a happy person that is just plain beautiful.

So today instead of worrying about whether enough you’re eating enough greens or using the right cleanser for your skin, I encourage you to look a little deeper to find your glow. Here are some ways that we can focus on what truly matters in our lives, and radiate that natural health and happiness that no skincare product will give you.

Spend time with those you love.

This one is a no brainer, but often we get too wrapped up in our day to day lives and feeling “too busy” to really spend time with our significant other, our children, our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, and our friends. There is nothing better than spending time laughing and talking with those that you feel completely supported and loved by. Make sure you put away technology during these times and be fully present with one another.


I don’t mean forcing yourself to run on the treadmill for 45 minutes and completely hating it the whole time. I mean, do the exercise that your body and your mind loves. Get outside and go for a hike in the mountains. Roll your yoga mat out and light some candles and let your body and mind release. Meet up with a group to play some pick up beach volleyball. Moving your body in a way that is enjoyable will release endorphins and improve your mood, which will in turn give you that naturally glowing look.

Take time for self reflection.

It is difficult to feel happy when we are so wrapped up in daily activities that we don’t have time to slow down and reflect on our lives. I think that reflection is very important for feeling at peace with your life, and be sure that you are moving toward your goals and making time for things you love. The simplest way I have found to do this is to keep a journal, where you write down your goals and dreams and accomplishments.

Prioritize self fulfillment.

Are you challenging yourself daily and becoming the person that you want to be? Make sure you take time to read new books, exercise your creativity, make art, cook new food, write a book.. whatever it is that makes you feel like you are growing and feeling fulfilled in your day to day life.

Do things for others.

Feeling like we have made a difference in someone else’s life brings an inner contentment unlike much else. We feel lit up with purpose and empowered that we can make someone else happy. This can be as simple as treating your significant other to dinner, or giving your friend an unexpected gift, or buying flowers for your mom for no particular reason. Seeing the unexpected joy on the other person’s face will make you feel amazing.

Be grateful.

I am discovering more and more how important gratitude is in our path to happiness. There is no ultimate “happiness” that we will reach, and suddenly feel complete. We have to teach ourselves to realize that we are already happy right now. If you mentally or physically list all of the things in your life that you are grateful for right now, like your health, your family’s health, your loving significant other, your home, your food, your job, etc., you will start to feel silly for not being happy already. What more do you really need to be happy? Yes, it would be nice to have a bigger house or a nicer car or more spending money, but you have the things that matter, and that should be reason enough to glow with inner joy.

Do whatever makes you feel joy.

This is different for everyone, so it is hard to give advice on what you should do. Without guilt about how you should be doing something more productive or that you don’t have time, do the things that you truly love to do. Paint, take photos, do yoga, dance, play with your dog, cook, make flower arrangements… you don’t even have to have a reason for why you love it. Just revel in the fact that you have the time and space and freedom to do these things that truly bring you joy.

My point today is that beauty and achieving that “glow” is much deeper than surface level. To glow, we must feel like we have everything we need, that we are fulfilled as a person, that we are making a difference, that we have time to do the things we truly love to do, that we love and are loved. When all of this balance is achieved in your life, you will be able to achieve that radiant happiness that has others wondering what your secret is.

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