Trust Your Cravings

As I’m sure you know already by my blog, I am passionate about health and wellness. I love to read books and articles about the latest findings in nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. But with my perfectionist nature, sometimes I venture into “information overload”. One book is telling me not to eat meat or dairy for optimal health, while another is informing me of all of the benefits of consuming healthy fats like eggs and salmon. Pretty soon, I’ve wound up at a loss as to what to eat. I bet you know the feeling, right?

When this happens, … Read More

How to Honor Your One and Only Body

Six months ago, I was kind of a mess. I have always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, but in retrospect, the lifestyle I was leading was anything but healthy.

I was struggling with some minor health issues – frequent cold/flues, digestive distress, and recurring infections. I was working long hours in a stressful environment. I was also doing vigorous workouts almost every night. This combination left me feeling totally wiped out and uninspired.

I know that this stressful cycle is fairly normal and many of us feel exhausted by our daily lifestyles, but I finally begun to realize … Read More

Sparkling Berry Sangria

sparkling sangria

It’s almost summer, so I say bring on the sangria! I created this recipe for the coffee shop I work in, and I decided it would be perfect to share on the blog because it is super simple and looks really pretty for a party or event. (Or perhaps a little Mother’s Day Treat? Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mamas out there!)

This recipe is created to serve one individual 16 oz wine glass. Since it involves sparkling wine, it works best to serve in individual glasses rather than combining everything in a large pitcher so the bubbly … Read More

Honest Review of Thrive Market

thrive market review

Have you guys heard of Thrive Market yet? If you’re obsessed with healthy food like I am, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the buzz about this emerging company. I just received my first order from Thrive, and I just wanted to share with you guys what I think of the company and the whole process of ordering from Thrive!

So basically, Thrive sells brand-name organic and healthy food, natural bath/body products, supplements/vitamins, along with other random health-related items. The major selling point is that Thrive sells all of their products at wholesale prices, so you save 25-50% by shopping … Read More