My 10 Ways to Stop Worry, Stress, and Anxiety


I have always been a worrier.

I worry about the future. I worry about what people think of me. I worry about things I need to get done. When I was in college, I would worry so much about tests and deadlines that I would literally make myself sick — coming down with a cold or flu after my exam or presentation.  As a perfectionist, I’m great at overthinking and worrying!

Since I am a very health-conscious person, I realize that all of this stress is absolutely not good for a person. Over the last year or so, I … Read More

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

I am heading to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to spend time in the kitchen cooking with my family and sipping hot spiced sangria. With all of the traveling, shopping, and activities that come with the holidays, it can be easy to let your own health and wellness slip to the wayside, which can in turn leave you feeling out of balance and stressed out.

The key to staying balanced and feeling good during the holidays is making sure not to stress yourself out. Don’t stress over getting the perfect gifts or making the perfect dinner, … Read More