Natural Exfoliants for Glowing Skin

Last week we discussed why you should switch to natural and organic beauty products, and what you should look for when you’re shopping. Today I want to specifically discuss the benefits of natural exfoliants, especially those with natural enzymes, which can yield an instantly brightened and smooth complexion.

Do you know the ingredients in your exfoliant? Not only should you be looking for products that contain certain ingredients like natural exfoliants and enzymes, but there are also things you want to avoid. One of these ingredients to avoid is microbeads. Check your labels for the ingredient “polyethylene,” which is the … Read More

Navigating the World of Natural Beauty

Image Sourcenatural beauty products

I am very passionate about keeping things clean and simple when it comes to skincare products and make-up. Since your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs over 80% of what you put on it (source), it’s extremely important to pay attention to what ingredients you are rubbing all over your body and face every single day. These ingredients can end up in your bloodstream and cause serious harm if you are using products with toxic ingredients.

A few years ago it may have been unappealing to think about purchasing natural skincare because it … Read More