Why You Need to Show Up for Your Life

show up for your life

We all have lofty dreams and ambitions that sometimes seem unreachable. You have always wanted to own your own restaurant, but right now you are struggling to get by, working long hours as a waitress. You’ve always wanted to write a book, yet you are so exhausted from your office job that you don’t have the energy or motivation to write in the evenings. You’ve always wanted to travel, but somehow you’ve gotten stuck in the cycle of working, paying bills, and having very little time or money for much else.

We all have times where we feel like we … Read More

5 Ways to Stay Inspired this Season

As we near February, we may find ourselves in a bit of a slump in our lives. The stress and the buzz of the holidays has long passed, and so has the excitement of the start of the new year. The weather is cold and dreary, and we could really use a little pick-me-up.

This time of the year can be a tough season to stay motivated and inspired. If you feel this way, don’t worry; you are not alone! I have definitely found myself being less productive; simply wanting to curl up in jammies with Netflix and let the … Read More

How to Stay Inspired When You’re in a Rut

As a blogger, sometimes it feels like you are supposed to feel inspired, creative, and happy all the time. That’s just not realistic. Some days, you stay on the couch in yoga pants and eat Christmas cookies for breakfast, and it’s really not all that instagram-worthy. It’s easy to let yourself slide into a downward spiral when it comes to inspiration, especially if you start comparing yourself to other bloggers or social media stars, or if you try to force yourself to write a blog post or create a new recipe when you just aren’t feeling it.

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November Inspiration: Live with Gratitude


Happy November! I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep you got on Saturday night. I know I woke up feeling much more refreshed and awake at 6:30 a.m. than I normally do!

One of my favorite things to do when a new month starts is to journal my goals and intentions for the month. It helps me get back on track with my goals that I may have strayed from due to day-to-day craziness, and gives me a sense of purpose as we enter the month ahead.

My main intention for the month of November is to … Read More