Why You Need to Show Up for Your Life

show up for your life

We all have lofty dreams and ambitions that sometimes seem unreachable. You have always wanted to own your own restaurant, but right now you are struggling to get by, working long hours as a waitress. You’ve always wanted to write a book, yet you are so exhausted from your office job that you don’t have the energy or motivation to write in the evenings. You’ve always wanted to travel, but somehow you’ve gotten stuck in the cycle of working, paying bills, and having very little time or money for much else.

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How to Embrace Simplicity and Stop Constantly Wanting More

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Why is it that we constantly feel the need to have more? It seems that no matter what I buy, I still do not feel fulfilled, and I soon find myself wanting the next new things. I convince myself that if I buy that $150 face mask, I will have perfect skin and feel complete. Or if I buy that new jacket, I will finally feel confident and pulled together everywhere I go. I am honestly tired of feeling this constant need for more, and feeling like what I have is never enough.

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How and Why to Dress Nicer Every Day

The clothes you wear and the way you present yourself in your day to day life may seem insignificant, but are actually essential in representing how you feel about yourself and those around you. Dressing nicely shows that you respect the people you encounter and that you respect yourself enough to put effort into your appearance.


Whenever I go through ruts in my life and lose motivation, I tend to start falling into a wardrobe slump as well. I start to gravitate toward comfier clothes and wear a lot of the same things day to day. I don’t wear … Read More

The Keys to Independence


Independence is something that I’ve always been drawn to. I love the idea of being able to do things on your own, support yourself, and not rely on anyone else for your happiness or for living the life you desire.

Today, I want to explore what I think are the pillars of independence. Each of these are building blocks that you can work on individually in order to start creating a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency.

Financial security.

Financial independence is key to feeling self-sufficient. If you are relying on your parents, friends, or significant other for money, you … Read More