November Inspiration: Live with Gratitude


Happy November! I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep you got on Saturday night. I know I woke up feeling much more refreshed and awake at 6:30 a.m. than I normally do!

One of my favorite things to do when a new month starts is to journal my goals and intentions for the month. It helps me get back on track with my goals that I may have strayed from due to day-to-day craziness, and gives me a sense of purpose as we enter the month ahead.

My main intention for the month of November is to … Read More

Creamy Turmeric Tea

turmeric tea With these chilly temperatures upon us, it can be extra hard to resist having multiple cups of coffee (I am partial to lattes!), so I wanted to create a comforting drink that had all the warming, indulgent taste of a holiday drink, but had some health benefits as well.

Turmeric tea is a fantastic way to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric, which is a spice that is incredible for your body. Turmeric is known as a “healing spice” in eastern cultures and has been used to treat ailments such as sore throats, colds, flus, stomach aches, and skin issues … Read More