Holiday Bucket List


I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend with loved ones and lots of good food. I was ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving was even over! Now I’m already on to Christmas cookies, decorating, and wrapping presents.

To get everyone in the Christmas spirit, I created this fun little holiday bucket list to bring back the magic that the holiday season brought you when you were a kid. Feel free to add your own traditions or try something new!


Holiday Bucket List


Bake the Christmas cookies that were your favorite as a child
Spend a snowy day inside reading
Spend a snowy day outside playing
Decorate the Christmas tree and then sit in the dark with the tree lights on admiring your work
Wear something sparkly
Get creative with wrapping presents so that they are almost too pretty to open
Dance around to old fashioned Christmas music wearing warm, thick socks
Embrace the nostalgia that naturally comes with this season
Wear a lot of thick sweaters, cozy scarves, and warm mittens
Watch a loved one’s face as they open a present you know they’ll love
Put twinkly Christmas lights all around your house or apartment, for the pure joy they bring you
Drink something warm and sweet out of a bright red mug
Let the feeling of gratitude wash over you

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