Essentials for When You’re Under the Weather


Christmas lights, fluffy snowflakes, sugar cookies, crackling fireplaces… there’s so many things to love about the holiday season. Unfortunately, with all of the people, stress, and travel also comes colds and flus. I seem to have caught a little something, so I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my fuzzy blanket and Friends on Netflix.

Today I’m going to share some of my essentials to keep on hand in case you come down with anything this season.


Face moisturizer.

Not only is the harsh winter air drying to your skin, but if you’re constantly blowing your nose and wiping your face, you’re going to end up with some chapped, irritated skin. Keep a soothing and hydrating moisturizer on hand that you can keep applying to help your skin combat all of the irritants. I am currently using this one from Wild Carrot Herbals, which is a local company that is known for using natural ingredients.

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Ginger Tea.

I have talked about this on the blog a few times before, and that is because I love it so much! Ginger is wonderful for so many things, including tummy aches, headaches, muscle aches, fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. This makes ginger the ultimate herb for anytime you are feeling yucky and run down. If you have access to a juicer, freshly juiced ginger root is the best. I like to put it into some hot water with honey, which is also soothing to the throat. You could also grate ginger root into hot water to make your own tea, or purchase a tea at the store such as this one from Traditional Medicinals.




Along with aforementioned dry skin, you may also wind up with chapped, cracked lips if you are in a cold climate and are wiping your nose/face a lot. Make sure you have a moisturizing chapstick on hand to soothe your parched lips, and help them appear more healthy and presentable if you need to go out in public. Try to find a natural brand of chapstick – there are tons of great ones out there. The one I’ve been using is from The Honest Company.

Tinted moisturizer.

I don’t ordinarily wear tinted moisturizer because I haven’t been able to find an organic, chemical free one that I can use without any worries. However, when you aren’t feeling well but you still have daily obligations like work or errands, it can be a life saver in making you look less like a zombie and more like a human. Bring a little color and life back into your face while also providing your skin with some extra hydration. The one that I have found works nicely for giving you a natural healthy glow is this one from Origins. My only hesitancy with this product is that it is not the most natural product and there are some ingredients I would rather do without, but it does work really well for providing you with an instant glow. Since it’s not organic, I just try not to rely on it too often.


Lightweight sweaters or cardigans are a lifesaver when you need to be out and about but aren’t feeling the best. When you’re sick, you never know if you’re going to be feeling warm and flushed or chilly and shivering at any given moment, so it helps to keep a light layer with you. Cardigans are great because they are small enough that you can tuck one into your purse. You may also benefit from tossing in one of those cozy scarves that can also double as a small blanket. Anything to keep yourself cozy and comforted until you can be at home in your own bed.

Water bottle.

I am a huge advocate for drinking lots of water all the time, but as soon as I get sick, I am so bad at it! It’s so hard for me to drink cold water when I have a sore throat, because it just doesn’t sound good. If I know I’m going to be struggling to drink cold water, I will instead fill up a bottle with hot/warm water and add some lemon, and maybe some tea and/or honey if I feel like it. I have this water bottle from Hydroflask, which is great because you can use it for both hot and cold beverages. Make sure to keep something like this on hand if you’re going to be out and about so that you know you’re giving your body that hydration it needs to kick your cold.


Do you have any essentials you like to keep on hand in case you come down with that yucky winter cold? Don’t forget to take care of yourself through this busy season by eating your vegetables, drinking water and tea, and keeping your stress levels down by taking deep breaths, doing yoga, taking a bath, or reading a book. I wish you a healthy holiday season!


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