How to Honor Your One and Only Body

Six months ago, I was kind of a mess. I have always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, but in retrospect, the lifestyle I was leading was anything but healthy.

I was struggling with some minor health issues – frequent cold/flues, digestive distress, and recurring infections. I was working long hours in a stressful environment. I was also doing vigorous workouts almost every night. This combination left me feeling totally wiped out and uninspired.

I know that this stressful cycle is fairly normal and many of us feel exhausted by our daily lifestyles, but I finally begun to realize … Read More

Honest Review of Thrive Market

thrive market review

Have you guys heard of Thrive Market yet? If you’re obsessed with healthy food like I am, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the buzz about this emerging company. I just received my first order from Thrive, and I just wanted to share with you guys what I think of the company and the whole process of ordering from Thrive!

So basically, Thrive sells brand-name organic and healthy food, natural bath/body products, supplements/vitamins, along with other random health-related items. The major selling point is that Thrive sells all of their products at wholesale prices, so you save 25-50% by shopping … Read More

How to Reconnect with Yourself

reconnect with yourself

Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. My work and personal life have gotten a little overwhelming lately, which brings me to my topic for today: how we can reconnect with ourselves when our lives get busy and hectic and all-over-the-place. When we reconnect with ourselves, we can refocus our attentions on what is truly important to us and let everything else fade away. We can find calm and joy.

I’m going to share some of my top tips that I turn to when I am feeling out of sorts and like I need to reconnect with … Read More

Healthier Options to Order at the Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to hang out (oh, yeah, and I work in one!). But, the endless beverage choices can be confusing, especially if you are visiting a coffee shop on a regular basis and do not want to order something that is terrible for your health and will leave you with a sugar-crash and a stomachache. Should I order a mocha with coconut milk? A latte with sugar-free hazelnut flavor? A soy cappuccino? A skim caramel macchiato with no whip cream? Maybe I’ll just get a cup of coffee because it’s too confusing…

This is … Read More